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Atletas de elile do mundo inteiros usam os produtos AGEL
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"With the rigors of playing professional football for 10 years, knee and joint pain come with the territory. FLX along with OHM have made me feel as if I just started playing; nor more pain means much more gain."

-Darren Sharper
Minnesota Vikings
Four-time Pro Bowl Selection

"I use and love the Agel product because of the simplicity, taste and delivery action that gives my body the fuel it needs. It allows recovery, energy, and development as I bounce back to the next vigorous training and competition session in preparation for the Olympics."

-Brent Livermore
Captain Australian Men's
Hockey Team Olympic Gold
Athens 2004

"Rugby is physically and mentally demanding. The breakthrough Agel products give me the strength and stamina to excel in the game that I love."

-Tim Keddy
Nova Scotia Keltics
Rugby Canada Super League

"Golf is a game of mental and physical stamina. After spending years on tour, and long hours on the range, my body was starting to break down. The Agel product line game me back energy, flexibility, and focus. I truly feel I added another ten years to this body!"

-Carrie Vaughan
CN canadian Women's Tour Player

"I rely on Agel products during training and racing. They give me the energy boost I need to make it through the long hours of extreme physical exertion and provide the focus I need to stay on course."

-Deseri Garcia
Adventure Racer


'I've always taken care of my body and through Agel's great products I'm continuing to do just that. I've yet to miss a day taking the Agel products and never will. Not only are the results fantastic now, but the problems I'll never face as a result of these products are even more amazing."

-Scott Benedetti
15+ years Professional Soccer player
(Including Colorado Rapids and
US National Team)

'As an athlete I have been taking supplements pills all my life, but Agel packs are different. They are easy to take, taste great, and work immediately. Agel is part of my training and competition life every day."

-Jono Brauer
Australian Olympic Ski Team

"As a professional athlete and a practicing nutritionist for almost 30 years, Agel supersedes any prior supplements I have seen and used both in quality and delivery system for our bodies."

-Adrian Batho
Three-time Mr. Australia

"As a professional athlete, nutrition and wellness products are critical. The Agel product line is state of the art."

-Joe Borchard
Outfielder, Florida Marlins

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